Demanding Accountability: Doug Ford Must Resign Now

With Autism Support in Ontario deteriorating under Doug Ford, around 60,000 families are left stranded. Join us in our advocacy efforts, get protest updates, and discover products that back Ontario Autism Charities

Doug Ford's Ontario PC MPP's Autism Campaign Lies

"Go to Hell" - Doug Ford to Autistic Family, 2014

Our mission is to shed light on the dire state of Autism Support in Ontario under Doug Ford's leadership. We advocate for the rights of approximately 60,000 families left in the lurch, striving for timely access to critical services for all autistic citizens of Ontario. Together, we can create a brighter future for our children.

Artwork to the left by @d.terrastencils in Toronto

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List of Ontario PC Party MPPs to Protest Boycott

In 2018 these Ontario PC Party MPPs campaigned on a promise to clear the then 23,000 child Autism waitlist within 18 months. Under their Ontario Autism Program they doubled funding sure, but they tripled the OAP waitlist to over 60,000 Autistic children while delaying funding for over 6 years. Parents are reporting signing up in 2018, only to get a welcome call for services in January 2023. Ontario PC Party has served only 8000 kids, less than previous Wynne Liberal government they promised to do better than.

  • Why We Advocate

    Discover the reasons behind our call for Doug Ford's resignation and the impact of his policies on Autism Support in Ontario.

  • Stories from Affected Families

    Learn firsthand accounts from families who have been adversely affected by the lack of adequate Autism Support.

  • How You Can Help

    From joining protests to supporting Ontario Autism Charities, find out how you can make a difference.

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